14 December 2012

Drama BI SPM - Gulp And Gasp


This is a melodrama about a villain, Lord Septic is a greedy man who is very interested in power, money and fame. He is even capable of committing murder to get what he wants. He owns the railways and is after the Gatsby gold. Crouch as the manservant of Lord Septic is a bully who likes to bully other people when Lord Septic is not around. He bullies Rose, a blind flower girl who arrives at the railway to sell flowers to get money to treat her sick mother. She is rescued by the hero, Percy who turns to be Sir Percy in the end of the drama. They fall in love. Later, Percy learns he is the rightful heir to the Gatsby gold and is known as Sir Percy. Lord Septic loses everything. I think this drama is very interesting as the writer plays the words intelligently. However, students need to read and understand in order to laugh.


Pride goes before fall

Greed is  destructive
Innocence and beauty

Greed will lead to a downfall.
We should live a humble and honest life.
Do not bully other people when you have the power.
Be considerate.

An empty train station
A cold foggy night

EXPOSITION – Lord Septic, the villain, and his manservant Crouch, a groveling bully, are waiting for the midnight express at the train station. Lord Septic owns all the train stations and he wants wealth and power. He loves to brag about his wealth and success. Crouch is the manservant who sometimes fail to understand what the master tells him.
RISING ACTION/CONFLICT – Rose, a blind flower girl comes to the station. She wants to sell flowers to help cure her mother. Crouch bullies her, as ordered by Lord Septic,  and Percy, the dashing hero comes in to help her. He tells her about himself.
CLIMAX – Lord Septic hits Percy and ties Rose to the train track. Percy runs off to try and stop the train coming down the track.
FALLING ACTION – Percy is able to stop the train using his long jack and Rose is saved. Later, he learns that  he is Sir Percy Gatsby and is the right heir to the Gatsby Gold.
RESOLUTION – Percy is able to tie Lord Septic and Crouch. They are  waiting to be picked up by the police. Percy, the hero, proposes Rose and she agrees to marry him.

Lord Septic, the villain
Crouch the bully
Rose the damsel in distress
Percy the hero

Simple and clear language
Dialogue – repetition of words

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